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Unlike most 2As, Adachi’s is not a low attack. Can also cause slide but shouldn’t be used for it as B does the same damage and proration but without the meter use. Adachi’s recovery ends before the final slam if not cancelled, allowing you to confirm 2C into any move or a super. A and has much better horizontal range than j. Indeed, while he initially tries to avoid being labelled as such when confronted with it, he eventually confirms that to be true. However, that advantage was stripped from him as the result of what he insisted was a small mistake the nature of which is never explained , and as a result he was demoted and spirited away to Inaba in spring of

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Can be used after displacing Magatsu Izanagi, but carries the same risks as 2D. The buff is applied even if Heat Riser whiffs or is blocked. Although he brushes off the Investigation Team’s search for truth as a worthless endeavor, he grudgingly follows their order to be brought to justice in the human world after losing to them in battle. Only one frame slower start-up than j. Additionally, there is a gap during which Magatsu Izanagi is vulnerable: Although he bumps into the Investigation Team while they’re conducting their own investigation on numerous occasions, he has a tendency to turn a blind eye towards their actions if he deems them to be for the greater good.


Can combo into itself up to three times. If the attack hits, the opponent will be sucked into the vortex and they will be thrown up to the air. Probably adahci best reversal sdachi in the game. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed.

One is shown on the character page, while the other is shown on the frame data page. However, said invuln does not kick immediately nor does it last the whole duration. A fullscreen multi-slash which is similar to Akihiko’s Maziodyne. Yamano’s murder kickstarts the game, as she is the first victim to die in the TV World.

Tohru Adachi Voice – Megami Tensei franchise | Behind The Voice Actors

Adachi summons Magatsu Izanagi as he clutches his head in pain, while Magatsu Izanagi attempts to grab the opponent from the ground. Covers good range but significantly negative on block. Can be super canceled into Heat Riser to start a combo or Magatsu Mandala for the buffs. While the attack has a full second of start-up, Adachi can move once the attack is out, allowing for cross-ups and tricky mixups.

P4AU/Tohru Adachi

All of them lead to big damage on the Corner if they’re FC. Same as B version, but the move leaves the opponent in a spinning state right next to you, allowing for microdash 5B to continue the afachi or combo into Ghastly Wail as a finisher.

Command Grab that can be used to open up opponents. However, 2B shouldn’t be used randomly due to its lengthy recovery and Adachi’s forward movement; if poorly spaced, Adachi’s 2B will whiff. On hit, gives 21 meter to the opponent, and on block, it’s one of the easiest attacks to Instant Block, so beware giving opponents particularly Shadow-Type characters free meter.


Two-part attack that can be cancelled after the first hit. When confronted, Izanami openly admits that she is responsible for giving Adachi, as well as Yu Narukami and Taro Namatamethe power to enter the TV world, in addition to their ability to call upon Personas. Highly punishable on block and whiff. This process takes no more than a few hours and we’ll send you aachi email once approved.

While very punishable on whiff, the attack’s range is good and often underestimated. Deals no damage, no meter gain. Arena Ultimax Tohru Adachi. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

Adachi runs foward during the start-up.

Tohru Adachi VOICE

Dash Cancel is -5 on block for the first hit, -7 for the additional adahci. While the start up is fast compared to the other Instant Kills, it can be arachi avoided by either jumping or blocking. Adachi tosses the opponent to the ground, crushes their back with his feet on landing, then hops back. During the grab portion of the attack, Adachi can still move and attack while Izanagi is active, but he can not use any persona attacks until the move is completed Fourth hit, Izanagi’s stomp.

Has some invuln on the first frames but will not kick in immediately.