To get the software to auto configure itself for the data cable and com port you are using just press the following button found at the top right of the tool bar: Accessories for MFC Dongle. The reason for this is that although it flashes your phone quite slowly it is the most reliable. Also it is well worth checking out the following flashing tutorials from other GSM sites which use different flashing software but just as good! It is necessary to calculate flash FAID using special software. First download the flash file for your phone from my downloads section and save it to a location that is easy to find.

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After this our phone will be able to log into the network and will not lose coverage. People who cheated us. Nokia DCT3 – flash.

DCT3 | GEM-FLASH Firmware

Once you have selected the correct file to flash to your phone, KNOCK will want to know what address you would like to start writing the file at nokia dct3 flasher the phones memory.

After uploading flash the phone will not log in to the network. Philips Fisio – simlock. Your phone should power on at this point but it will keep on restarting and will not receive a signal. Cables for Universal Nokia dct3 flasher 4. Now from the drop down box select the model of phone you wish to flash in this example I am using a The default values start writing the file at the very beginning of the phones flash memory – and that’s exactly what we want to do!!


Now we have to connect dejan flasher 1.

How to flash Nokia DCT-3 phones

If you want to flash one of these Nokia phones: Alcatel BE4 flasger – simlock. Rj45 – BB5 Box. Nano micro sim adapters. Step 1 – Backup Your Phone! This means that if there are any unforeseen mishaps you can restore your phone to its previous good health. To do this simply press the button labeled ” SFR ” special factory reset.

How to flash Nokia DCT-3 phones

We are now ready to write the new software version to your phone. Mitsubishi Eclipse – simlock. Nokia phones that can be unlocked: Siemens A3x,A40 – repair. For example a full flawher backup would be named like the file to the right.

After a few seconds you should get a “Found Phone” message. Now it is time to sit back because as i dtc3 this program takes its time aprox 20 min’s.

Please wait until progress bar goes to the end. How to flash Nokia DCT-3 phones Knowledge about flashing phones with firmware glasher is very useful in case of repairing phones damaged during wrong unlock, wrong flash upload, firmware update or language change.


The reason for this is that although it flashes your phone quite slowly it is the most reliable. Simply select the flash file you have downloaded from my site for your model of phone.

In Universal Box 4. Rj45 – Universalbox cables. Run Flwsher Tool and you will see the window below.


Credit cards are authorised by www. Usually at the end of PPM file’s name there is a letter a,b,c,d etc. Now That you have successfully written the flash file to your phone there is just one final step required.