Heroes of Etheria Preview The latest Warlords game updates the series’ distinct brand of fantasy-themed turn-based strategy. According to Steve Fawkner , this game was built from scratch in 6 months by Infinite Interactive after being handed it by SSG in an incomplete form, and is why the game is not up to previous standards. Heroes of Etheria Monday, October 9, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For example, a weak unit or a common spell may take one or two turns to produce or learn; while a powerful unit may take as much as four turns to produce and a rare or “arcane” spell may take as much as sixteen turns to learn. The game’s sound effects aren’t impressive either. Warlords IV doesn’t bother with diplomacy, trade, or complex resource management.

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Recruiting new armies doesn’t cost you any resources. Fighting monsters grunt and squeal, while humanoid units cry out goofy-sounding taunts that might have been more amusing if they weren’t so muffled.

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These unit categories could be classed as: All this publication’s reviews. Each race has a strength or weakness compared with another race. Neutral ruins often house artifacts, caches of gold, and powerful mercenaries for hire that you’ll ot to obtain before your opponents can–particularly in single-player games against Warlords IV’s challenging AI opponents.

Retrieved 24 November Naturally, they are the most powerful type of unit in the game. Hero units are powerful units which can make use of magic items found in ruins to increase their skills.


Heroes of Etheria goes gold Ubisoft announces that the latest game in the Warlords franchise is off to duplication. Discarding the linear missions common with fantasy games, the Warlords IV campaign pits you against up to seven different AI factions. Each of the units has the characteristics of their race.

Your units’ various special abilities, and the fact that the last surviving unit receives bonus rtheria toward gaining a level, make combat quite nontraditional in Warlords IV. Warlords IV has no specific add-ons warlorde can be built in your town by default though you can add a single building between missions. Retrieved 21 Warlords iv heroes of etheria One of the reasons this version was not as popular was due to the poor quality AI.

You’re Good to Go! Game Info Warlords IV: Back to the fantasy milieu of elves and goblins, golems and draco-liches will Warlords 4 take you, where mysteries within enigmas are unfolding across a land plagued by the usual beastly suspects. According to Steve Fawknerthis game was built from scratch in warolrds months by Infinite Interactive after being handed it by SSG in an incomplete form, and is why the game is not up to previous standards.

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The Heroes of Warlords IV show their mastery of sword and sorcery in the tactical combat system. Log in to finish rating Warlords IV: The units will then battle to the death, with no retreating. Diplomacy plays virtually no role in the game, and micromanagement of units is scaled-down to a great extent. Archived from the original on 4 February Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss.


Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria Review

Ubi Soft releases the first image of the revised tactical combat system in Warlords IV. While the system may seem like a simplistic slugfest, at first, it’s actually surprisingly strategic, since your units’ special abilities and your magic spells can affect the outcome of a battle significantly.

There are 10 different fantasy factions in the game, each og different unit types, strengths, etueria weaknesses. Make sure you read the above link before downloading!

Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria

Doing so will cost you an warlords iv heroes of etheria amount of gold for maintenance, and it will also cause a severe morale hit though low morale can be compensated for in a few ethefia ways, like having a hero with leadership skill, for instance. October 21, [1] EU: Heroes of Etheria More Info. This is one of the ugliest game i have ever played and its no joke! Units can gain experience points, and thus can gain levels, making them more powerful and allowing them to increase their special abilities.