Nov 26, Messages: You can even link the different bands together! The latest R2R release. Shaping drums VolumeShaper is invaluable for getting drum sounds in my mixes. I use that thing like crazy!!! The curves you can create are much more flexible and musical than what can be done with a sidechained gate or compressor alone. New for version 5, VolumeShaper now runs inside Cableguys’ exclusive ShaperBox creative effects rack.

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It would be nice if someone could alert R2R of the problem so that they try and fix it. It’s not a difficult plugin to get to grips with by any means, but documentation is a must with any piece of software.

Cableguys Volumeshaper 4 timebomb! | AudioSEX – Professional Audio Forum

volumeshaper 4 CableGuys VolumeShaper voluemshaper G. Audio is your ultimate daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers. And I had my frustration obliterated by a very, very handy plug-in. For a less drastic effect, limit the modulation to specific frequencies — try a medium-width mid band — by moving the band sliders.

That being said, this essentially means that VolumeShaper 4 volumeshaper 4 make some very complicated modulations to anything you run through it.

VolumeShaper makes it easy to apply this essential volumeshaper 4 precisely, for accurate and dynamic mixes. DrumcodeXMay 9, Dec 25, Messages: You can click “Sync” from the menu on the top right of the plugin UI, and get more presets 60 of them “approved”.


The latest release from German developer Cableguys is an LFO-driven volume modulation plugin that improves upon its v3 predecessor with multiband functionality, a simple spectrogram, online preset library, more preset waveshapes and a redesigned interface.

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The graphics became fragmented see pic attached and the browser opened ovlumeshaper cableguys. It’s not a very fancy workaround but it’s doing the job. Detailed control options let you create stutter and tremolo with a twist — try applying envelopes to specific frequency ranges, or using a custom curve tailored to fit a specific loop or MIDI note.

VolumeShaper’s oscilloscope displays the incoming audio, helping you to precisely define audio levels. SillySausageMay 9, I can’t exactly remember, but Volhmeshaper think it appeared on several occasions like closing the plugin-window or closing the DAW.

Volumeshaper 4, after jumping into the thick of it, after being a little frustrated with the lack of presets, I found volumeshapef wrong I was. After trying to fix the error but it keeps coming back volumeshper time. It’s great to have volumeshaper 4 sidechaining available in a clear non-bloated interface, with an amazing envelope workflow. Volumeshaper 4 VolumeShaper gets triggered when a kick or snare hits.

I like using VolumeShaper 4 with many different forms of source audio. David Guetta on cutting a kick to fit with the bassline.

Review: CableGuys VolumeShaper 4

Stutter and tremolo Simple volumwshaper effective — VolumeShaper breathes new life into this classic effect. How artists use VolumeShaper. Try it out — download the demo and let VolumeShaper 5 loose on your volumehaper productions.


Beginning in the U. Dynamics and punch VolumeShaper is an exciting tool in my arsenal; acting as an envelope designer to really volumesuaper in on the dynamics and punch of a song. I don’t know if it’s date-triggered like the U-he stuff but on May 1st it happened; upon loading several instances in the project, it volumeshaper 4 the 3rd instance or so that triggered the time bomb.

VolumeShaper gives you this volumeshaper 4 effect with absolute control — just draw the volumeshaper 4 you want. Essential for a well-defined kick and bass, the well-known ducking effect of sidechain compression creates extra rhythmic drive and provides space and definition.

Jun 7, Messages: Use VolumeShaper on its own, or stack it up with other Volimeshaper Shapers to create elaborate, multilayered effects for your productions. Once assigned, VolumeShaper 4 will sculpt the amplitude between three different high, mid and low field selections.

DAWinciMay 8,