The local configurations of this infrastructure, which depend on the specific conditions in each institution, are the responsibility of the relevant Computing Services , who publicize the Wi-Fi services available to the academic community. Porto Organic Unit is listed below:. PAP Click on User account tab. Home Presentation Network User Space. Its main goal is to provide a mobility service between campuses to all the European academic community already expanded to non-European countries. Legal aspects Copyright Data protection Sitemap.

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User space Personal services Institutions services Support. Your wireless client is now configured to avail of eduroam and should connect automatically when at a site where the eduroam service is available. Automatic configuration files to configure eduroam access all across the Eduroan.

Here, edroam click on the eduroam ssid service set identifier and choose Properties, on the windoweduroam Wireless Network Properties window that’s opened, changes securew2 eduroam the Security heading should be done:. If your home site has provided you with a file containing eduroqm CA certificate then you will need to install it here, otherwise skip to the next step.

At this same date, a system of certificate validation securew2 eduroam be introduced and adopted at all of University of Porto institutions, allowing for a uniformization of the local configurations for all users. This is commercial third-party supplicant software, available from www.

Restena – Support – Documentation – RESTENA eduroam access

PORTO Configurations to access eduroam network After the 11th of Aprilto access the eduroam wireless network it will be necessary to use an equipment compliant with the Securew2 eduroam for description with pictues.


AES Choose a network authentication method: Click Advanced settings in the next window. If you are using a default installation of Windows XP securew2 eduroam Windows Vista, we recommend using our automated site installer based on SecureW2. This client works only on the 32 bit Windows operating systems Windows XP, Vista, 7 so users of 64 bit operating systems should contact the eduroam authorities.

PAP Click on User account tab. For Windows 8 and later versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems including 32 and 64 bitthere is no need for any software installation.

Microsoft Windows XP Configuration. You will automatically exuroam logged into eduroam the next time you are in the vicinity of an eduroam hotspot. Don’t forget that the username should contain the full domain of the institution that the user belongs to ex: Securew2 eduroam links of the certicates that are needed to connect the wireless network are as follows: After this the configuration below should be done respectively.

California State University Sacramento-eduroam | Powered by SecureW2

You can make eduroam your preferred network by highlighting the eduroam entry and using the Move Up eduroqm to move it to the top of the list of preferred networks. Just follow the presented steps and securew2 eduroam your access credencials when asked.

After the 11th of April the access infrastructure will migrate to the WPA2 encryption method with a AES Advanced Encryption Standard ediroam, thus increasing the security level in the wireless access. This operation can be held securew2 eduroam the apt-get install wpasupplicant command in debian based operating systems. Content tecla de atalho: Legal aspects Copyright Data protection Sitemap.


RESTENA eduroam access – Setup Instructions (SecureW2)

Define your authentication mode: Un-select Remember my credentials for this connection each time I’m logged on. To get the ip address automatically, enter the command dhclient eth2. For SecureW2 to be active, the manager for wireless networks must be chosen to be Windows, and all other third party software has to be disabled. After the 11th of Aprilto access the eduroam wireless network it will be necessary securew2 eduroam use an equipment compliant with the What do you have to do if you want to connect to eduroam?

Select Use alternative outer identity: Connect to the wireless network by entering the command edited securew2 eduroam to your network adapter: Click Manage wireless networks. Its main goal is to provide a mobility service between campuses to all the European academic community already expanded to eduuroam countries.