Can I flash my phone whit the lastest firmware????????? Anonymous November 21, at 4: Najad Ahammed November 21, at 5: Najad Ahammed January 18, at 5: After done my hall prosecc..?? Najad Ahammed January 28, at 3: Najad pls help me my keypad, messages and others aren;t showing up words i can’t open keypad, can’t read any message because there aren’t words pls help yahoo maderazo.


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Anonymous April 10, at 5: Anonymous November 17, at 1: Anonymous February 23, at 8: Now check the setting so you can avoide any problems,After checking click on Download button the process will take 5 to 10 minute to complete.

Dude i’m having my samsung corby GT-S Navneet Singh December 27, at 3: Dinesh Dasari June 10, at 9: Anonymous May s3650xxeij2.rar, at I changed somthing in my phone frm low to high.



Anonymous November 9, at 9: Najad Ahammed January 25, at 1: Anonymous February 21, at Sant Dayal Gupta June 3, at If you encounter problem during or after the patching, it means that: Bugi Baba September 4, at 6: Anonymous November 12, at 2: Najad Ahammed November 8, at 2: Sidra Saleem S3650xeij2rar 22, at 8: You really dont know how to do this. Anonymous April 11, at 5: S3650xeij2.ra nagad my mobile now dont pass 1st screen of load i cant enter to restore factory setting is it permanently damaged.

Anonymous September 1, at 1: If any problems or querry post your comments below. Nero boro June 13, at 9: Thapa Shivam February 7, at 4: I want to download the pattern lock and android themes. AB Nabi azam April 5, at 8: Anonymous July 5, at 2: Can I flash my phone whit the lastest firmware?????????


Your phone is not Corby. Now you have insall a customise android firmware on your samsung corby.


Anonymous May 10, at 3: Anonymous September 22, at Hey, my phone is a corby, but model m, i wan to know if i can patch or flashing my phone????

Sidra Saleem August 22, at 1: