It did, for example, call attention to changes in the Registry as well as to changes it discovered at shutdown in my autoexec. Reg Run claims to monitor and notify of attempts at taking advantage of windows security holes and to check for and note scripts. There are a lot of antiviral software that you can choose. I then wrote to the company to report this. IrfanView ALL plugins The program helps you optimize Windows startup by deleting or killing the selected items.

regrun startup optimizer

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It will help your system to Genie Backup Manager Review. The registration process is a little complicated and not that evident. As examples, the starup boot program will load minimal vital programs as safe mode would, but without the hassle. I do not see many safety features built in that would warn the user if he is venturing onto dangerous ground.

I was unable regdun determine see comments below. I would not call this behavior peaceful coexistence.

regrun startup optimizer

There are a lot of antiviral software that you can choose. BD RegRun startup to protect against being deleted by a virus. A very comprehensive set of tools are included in this suite.

regrun startup optimizer download, free regrun startup optimizer download.

PC Optimizer Pro 6. Customer Support was of help in analyzing any conditions when I was uncertain what to do with an item identified, especially items identified as unknown. BD RegRun RegRun watches for Regristry-changes and pops up if something has changed, logs it, can ask google for the key found.


There are other things that the program does which I find to be annoying.

I found that leaving the security settings at Medium level with these stadtup tools in place provided me with excellent protection. UnHackMe module allows you to remove rootkits, Trojans and backdoor programs, viruses and worms, adware, spyware, redirecting software, as well as unwanted and useless programs.

I was happy to hear this, optimizwr I would have been happier had I been informed more quickly and had not spent hours trying to deal with this non-existent problem. I have not had a crash.

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RegRun’s main interface divides its tools into four separate sections: As far as I can tell, it does protect my system. Discuss RegRun 3 Security Optimixer. The instructions are well-prepared and the setup was not complicated. You can optimize the Startup in a fast and easy way, with just a mouse click.

RegRun Review

When utilizing the scan for viruses tool, the user can examine detailed information to figure out for themselves if this is truly a virus or a program that Greatis does not recognize in their database. Resolve “Google search redirect problem”. Fixed bug with “stealth” processes. PC Optimiezr Pro is a suite of high-power utilities that monitors and adjusts yo Our editors will recheck this software periodically to assure that it remains clean.


I then ran hours of scans with a variety of other anti-malware programs, none of which found anything. Using the cleaning function the first time, to be cautious I unchecked selections except for the recycle bin.

regrun startup optimizer

Dec 13th, Trial. Reg Run was at times confusing in other ways as well. I have not had a crash.

regrun startup optimizer

This standalone optimiezr checks for updates and installs them into its own directory. When the computer was shutting down, Reg Run stopped the shutdown process to ask if I wanted Windows to delete certain files; when I checked further they turned out to be those I had told OneNote to terminate, not changes that would have been harmful to my computer. This enables you to clean your PC with your antivirus tool to delete the viruses and their associated files and registry records.

Friendly startup Assistant pops up with funny cartoons.