Moirin doesn’t have a flaw, unless you count her self claimed lack of patience, a flaw that is undermined by the fact that she has patience thoroughout the whole book. That is all she is worried about. View all 3 comments. But we don’t see quite as much of that as we did in earlier books. Faced with this, Moirin who is essentially a creature of light and life lived to the full has to adapt and find the necessary inner resources, especially when cruel fanatics find a way to chain her magic that not only she cannot use it, but also Bao’s half of the diadh-anam cannot feel it so he would naturally assume her dead and believe the implied lies about that. This moving journey is the occasion for thoughts on human nature, the kindness that people can show and make the difference in a world where injustice is the predominant element, for love, this noble feeling, which can release that kindness and become a shield against every evil.

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I’ve always been fine with this. While Naamah’s Kiss was a promising start of a new trilogy, Naamah’s Curse naamah curse not quite match the standard set in that book. Banks Returns to the Culture Universe in O She gets put through a number of bad situations, but there’s never any sense that she’s in any actual danger.

No trivia or quizzes yet. It cursee kind of weird.

Naamah’s Curse | Kushiel’s Legacy Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Each trilogy was told by a memorable first person narrator: There’s no scheming here, no passages to peruse for deeper meaning, no characters whose motivations are hidden. There were many interesting cultures depicted, so well written, Carey’s prose is just a joy to read. She travels to find Bao amid the Tatars, only to accidentally make enemies and get herself into a sticky situation.


Moirin has a vision of the Great Bear Herself walking one direction or naamah curse. Only negative, I have to say Bao is a slightly annoying hero, I never feel like he’s really worthy of all the work Moirin naamah curse in to get to him, but it’s a lovely journey nonetheless.

Naamah’s Curse (Naamah Trilogy, #2) by Jacqueline Carey

I found it an easy and pleasant read. Soulbonds, incidentally, are one of my most hated tropes in fantasy literature, which is why I was thrilled when For all its length, naamah curse is a quick read: The third is that in addition to examining religion, Carey takes a look at caste systems as well as the idea of love the second is an on going theme of these novels. If forced to choose the weakest book so far in the Kushiel’s Universe series Naamah’s Curse would be my nominee.

The least compelling of the series so far. Is interestingly, where the author talks about religious fanaticism in a connection with the previous trilogy, describing how a religion – a naamah curse version of Christianity – starts based on love, but ultimately becomes a tool of oppression and thus invalidates its meaning, but, because optimism is one of her main messages, all this can be reversed when illuminated people become the leaders.

Despite naamah curse criticism, I recommend Naamah’s Curse as a well-crafted and entertaining read. Spotlight on William Barton – Dark, Explicit 90’s Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Naamah’s Curse

Much of Moirin’s travels and troubles are milksop reflections of those experienced by Naamah curse in the Kushiel’s series, cuse many characters are rather one-dimensional without much depth or This is the second book in what looks like will be another trilogy in the Terre d’Ange world, following young Moirin who is the half-breed child of a bear-witch from Alba and a priest of Naamah.


After all, she’s got a soulbond to follow. There naamah curse a long episode where Moirin is captured by essentially a martial Christian group, whose leader avidly and lewdly captures her “confessions” of her “sinful” lifestyle while plotting how to damage her spirit and remove her magic – this was a truly terrifying scenario, with echoes of similar sects present in the world today.

Carey is a master of writing gorgeous, vivid description without being flowery or purple, and I really appreciate that. Obviously, she did this to ensure that Moirin is NOT just a Phedre clone; but simply making Moirin the reverse of Phedre does not make a unique heroine — being the naamah is no better than being Phedre-lite.

Everything was new to her, and it made naamah curse rough going.

There isn’t enough of that in a great many books, and it is naamah curse to see that here. For example, she eventually begins to go along with the Patriarch in order to lull him into a false sense of security. Download Image Download Image.

And trust me, you definitely don’t want to be spoiled. I naamah curse know how to naamah curse an ordinary, mortal lover anymore” Naamah Trilogy 3 books.

Jan 21, Meredith rated it liked it Recommended to Meredith by: There is a long, difficult journey ahead of her, in her search for Bao, the young Ch’in warrior who carries a piece of her soul as well as her heart and even harder decisions to make. I skimmed large portions of this book.