Fete from Machel which isn’t brand new. To participate in this discussion, we need a few basic details from you. With everything being downloaded now you have riddims coming out every week. Gappy works pretty hard as well. Gyption – Beautiful Lady Rebellion Riddim However RDX is murdering the place.

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Produced by Productions and composed by the beatmaker Rastea, Believe In Love riddim is an efficient one drop reggae riddim with catchy melodies. That’s a full time job.

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O – Bend Down Alkaline Feat. Jah Cure – Stronger Scriptures Riddim Bigga Bounce Ent 2: Gyption – Beautiful Lady Rebellion Riddim Im not a dancehall DJ so excuse my ignorance but do you only play new songs?

Boagan — Jahka Another big tune is Destra – Carnival Children There are tons though, where to begin Forgot about that one. I recently put up a ckre mix with these songs, www.


‚ÄéCardiac Strings Riddim – EP by Various Artists on Apple Music

I bought mad riddims on 45 on LPs because they sounded good but never get to bust regardless of the artist on the riddim. How are you dudes getting the time to listen to all these riddims and ja of the songs on these riddims to determine what is gonna bust? Same riddim as Chatty Mouth from Tony Rebel, etc I listen to he Trini stations when the stream ain’t messed up. As a DJ I know that’s wrong but I don’t have the time to listen to every single riddim and artist on these riddims.

Weed Smokers Watch www.

Do you guys delete your tracks after they get old with dancehall? In Jamaica right now and that thing getting big forwards. Good to see conscious reggae music making a return. Love — DeraJah Pon Di Cocky Fi di jockey is the clean version is also old.

La raison — Skanky The Re-Fix remixes are big up over here as well. Love You Up — Ce’Cile 8. Here is the FB invite, if you need any further info on the type of soca needed. It’s on the Nanny Goat Riddim from the 90’s. Hoping to get a quick list of the top 20 soca out now?? Im looking for the Leftside riddum it.


My tune is Savage.

Chords for Jah Cure – Nothing Is Impossible

With everything being downloaded now you have riddims coming out every week. Masicka – Greatest Pussy. In actuality Kotch is Broad Out Pt I dont really like it but meh, whateves. L’ amour passera toujours — Tylass 9.