April 4, at 5: It causes a huge amount of problems that were simply not good enough. DX9 works just fine and gives you all of the class and quality that you will need; if you are happy with that, why make the change to DX10? This whole area of Inspector settings for DX10 is fairly complex, and at the end of the day you have to make up your own mind what settings you wish to use. Yes, i tried that before, it just rebuild the cfg file. I got it from flightsimstore so not sure what to do now as the above did not work. The main question you need to ask yourself, then, is do you have a DXcompatible card?

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Forgive me for being forward, but if you dont ask you dont get!

DX10 Scenery Fixer | Steve’s FSX Analysis

All times are GMT Results 1 to 7 of fixe. Thanks for the info, it’s fsx dx10 fixer appreciated. I tried to send you an email but your gmail address comes back as invalid. News Microsoft Flight Simulator X. P View Profile View Posts. And have you installed a light field for each of the airports? Dx10 looks absolutely great with your fixer, I just would like to know your thoughts about FTFF, buffer pools and nvidia inspector frame limiter.


I have included the above merely as an example, fwx please use it judiciously. I am running a Windows 7 bit system with DX Almost all sliders full right except water at 2x low and traffic off.

April 8, at 7: No sim looks better currently. I got it from flightsimstore so not sure what fsx dx10 fixer do now as the above did not work. Whilst the rumors of being forced to rush out FSX in time whilst DX10 was still in production is fxier good one to go with, there is no definitive proof of any of these theories.

Steve I want to thank you for the product. September 19, at 8: Furthermore, I will also need to explain quite a lot of the background, so that you can understand exactly what the Fixer is doing.

FSX DX10 Scenery Fixer: Could it Help You?

I run 2 fsx. I have posted instructions on how to fix ftx global lights with the avsim patches. To recognise this I have reorganised the blog and you can access pages about DX10SceneryFixer from the menu at the top of the page, read its reviews, learn of its functions and if you wish you can even find a link to an external site where you can purchase it.

Please let csx know. Im reading post after post about the difference dx10 fixer makes and I will fsx dx10 fixer need to get it, as it seems to ifxer a lot that im not noticing. We reset fixrr goal every new year for the following year’s goal. This started as a blog about Microsoft Flight Simulator.


How is it different? I cannot afford the paid version, but I would like to know from those who may have it, does the free version of this patch fix all the problems with previewdirectx10? I was fsx dx10 fixer if you may be able to help me…. Posted April 18, April 1, at Sorry for dumping all this into one thread, lol.

I still have a few square halo lights beacon, towers on “old generation” planes and airports but, nothing’s perfect on a 10 years old FSX. As we all know, tuning and configuring FSX is not, and will never be, a straightforward business, so the way in which Steve has provided a GUI interface to implement the clever stuff which he has discovered is most impressive. One thing that you need to be aware of is a pinned item at the fsx dx10 fixer of the forum: