In general, it is useful, simple and reliable and you can use it in your house or building without any issues or hiccups whatsoever. Free Download for Windows. The heatmaps generated by this WiFi heatmap software tool can be based both on online maps as well as on user-imported maps. I noticed heavy overlap right on top of our router, moved it, and now I get better signal. User reviews about Ekahau HeatMapper Review. NetSpot will ask you to upload a map of the area you would like to survey, but you can also create one using the built-in mapping tool.

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Install now to protect your privacy. Switch ekahau heatmapper the Discover Ekahaau and let NetSpot collect detailed information about nearby wireless networksincluding those that do not broadcast their SSID, showing you what kind of security settings the networks use, which channel they broadcast on, and how strong their signal is, among other things.

Tired of hearing how cool it will be in iphone, well if you want such feature get PPC there at least 5 programs that do exactly same thing and even better by using gps. To help you out, we have selected 5 best heatmap tools currently available so you can get keahau ekahau heatmapper heatjapper WiFi network as soon as possible.

It did work out where the points where almost exactly though which was cool. Your download is ready!

Ekahau HeatMapper

Have you tried updating the Wi-Fi adapter drivers? I took a walk outside and then pointed where I thought it ekahau heatmapper. Would make it easier to warwalk for AP points. Maybe not as much soldery goodness ekhaau some of the more arduinolicious ekhaau that have been here of late, but to me, this meets the threshold of a seriously solid hack. Downloaded it and within 10 minutes had a wifi map of our apartment building.


I tried this tool some time ago: Compared to NetSpot, Ekahau HeatMapper has a lot fewer features even though the two heatmappers are equally easy to use. Your review ekahau heatmapper Ekahau HeatMapper.

Acrylic Wi-Fi Heatmaps makes it ekahau heatmapper to edit the generated maps, which is something that professionals across many different industries can appreciate. Not on foot, anyhow. The time limit is a killer, the earliest points you mapped start disappearing.

Follow our wi-fi blog. The access points are not located correctly What about support for 64bit operating systems? You are commenting using your Facebook account. The strength of the signal is the most basic ekahau heatmapper that affects the quality of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Better Wi-Fi

You can also create an inventory of heaymapper access points the app detects and it also allows you to perform satellite scans using Google Maps and other online services. Wow, that sucks…the Ekahau website is having ekahau heatmapper db problems.

Ekahau HeatMapper can be downloaded for free, and it works on any Windows laptop or desktop computer with a WiFi adapter and at least 1 GHz processor and 1 GB of memory.


Due to interference caused by other WiFi networks and the presence of large obstacles such as walls and furniture, many WiFi networks are plagued by frequent connection drops, mediocre speeds, ekahau heatmapper the presence of signal dead zones. It allows you to monitor your surroundings to detect the wireless access points that are available ekahau heatmapper the area and it provides information concerning signal strength, transmitted data, and other features include inventory, map scan, sat scan, and more.

Learn how your comment data is processed. To create a WiFi heatmap using NetSpot, all you need to do is enter the Survey Mode and follow the simple instructions. You can either capture data one point at a time, continuously walk through the survey area, or use GPS positioning for outdoor surveys. Just download the latest version. Ekahau made a fantastically cheesy promotional video for their product, which is viewable after the jump.

No thanks, continue to download Ekahau HeatMapper.

Ekahau HeatMapper maps out WiFi signals | Hackaday

Download Heatmapepr HeatMapper 1. Despite having so many useful features, NetSpot ekahau heatmapper lets its users wonder which button they should click on to accomplish what they want to do. Powerfully private No more data charges to download unwanted content.